Pipes that will bring your house back to life


All over the world you might notice that people like to decorate their houses with lights and make them look pretty that is basic human function and everything becomes better with lights and you will notice that about everything so here at Bivar we came up with the next best thing which is a led light pipe, so you might be asking yourself what is the design of such an amazing pipe and how can it be used well the design is quite simple with minor modifications that will make it a cut about the rest we have seen our competitors and have made sure that nobody comes even close to what we can provide our level of quality is on another level we can guarantee that.



Most often, stiff designs for custom light pipes are moulded from translucent or clear polymers, such polycarbonate. Customization happens to diverse degrees and on many different levels. For instance, our clients frequently ask for light pipes with simple specifications like length, lens diameter, or form for which there isn't a clear stock component match. We occasionally suggest a stock item that will satisfy performance, packaging, and cost criteria after learning more about the application. For instance, a 1.1-inch light pipe may be replaced with one with a diameter of one inch. If the standards are rigid, we might be able to make minor adjustments to aspects like length and manufacturing tolerance, producing a product that is as near to the norm as feasible.


About our company:

Bivar is an electronics manufacturer that uses a specific engineering approach to help customers build projects faster and handle the constant problems of technology. LED Indication, Circuit Board Hardware, and Component Hardware are just a few of the vital component goods we provide in a wide range of premium quality and innovation. Bivar offers OEM clients a team of Advanced Solutions specialists with years of design experience and notable success in problem-solving.



If you wanted to read articles about how our products might be useful to you or how they are used all over the world then our website will scratch the itch we have a wide range of articles where we discuss all that is happening at bivarwe have made sure that none of our customers have any problems when they visit our website, we have 24/7 customer support that helps our customers get it touch and get the best experience possible.



In conclusion as design engineers create technological items utilized in new and various internal and exterior places, the necessity for product illumination is growing. Different layers of protection are needed by designers to guarantee that circuitry is secure and will operate continually. In addition to providing design choices for strength and protection against the intrusion of particles, electrical discharge, vibration, and physical impact, Bivar IP Rated Light Pipe products and systems also provide solutions to issues. The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (ECES) has created a method for defining the levels of protection offered for electrical equipment called IP, which stands for Ingress Protection (CENELEC). These specifications are made to quantify the amount of protection offered by an electrical device. The prefix IP and two letters from the categorization are shown.

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